About Us

Our Goal:
To Bring the Works of Shakespeare, the Renaissance & The Enlightenment to The People & Involve Them in those Works – with joy, respect and intelligence – at every opportunity.
The Washington Shakespeare Festival with any performance company, arts guild, non-profit or other public-spirited group to bring year-round experiential learning to its audiences. We use live performance, podcasts, video, VOIP, email and good old-fashioned USPS mail to communicate with our friends and fans from around the world. We encourage interaction with our audiences - we regard those who come see our productions as part OF our plays - they are the  crowds, the armies, the conscious of our plays.
 We offer classes, workshops, readings, lessons and opportunities to learn new skills, from needlepoint to directing, props and costume construction to heraldry, music to the kitchen arts.
For everyone, there's a role here for you to play. Come join us.

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